Why Partner with US?



We have the best contract for our partners in the industry.  We put the MOST money in YOUR pocket.  No fee to join,  no minimum premium requirement, 100% commissions with 90% of profit sharing paid to our partners. Learn more…


This business can be tough, it can be hard to go at it alone, BLIP is a family and we have each other’s backs no matter what.  When you’re with us you’re part of the family.


We use the most up to date systems and will give you our handbook to success as an agency.  We are always incorporating new technology IF IT ADS VALUE to your agency.


If ever you want to part ways you can rest assured that we will support you.  We just ask for 90 days notice.  Learn more about leaving…

Insurance Carriers

We work with the best insurance companies to ensure you are always competitive and have the right solution for your clients at the best rate.  Click here to see our carrier partner list…


BLIP doesn’t take any ownership in your policies.  We also don’t have a non-compete or non-solicitation for the business that you’ve written.  You’ve worked hard to build your book.  No one else should own it or keep you from it.

About US

We know what’s important to you because it’s important to us and we’ve been there!  When we first opened our doors as an independent insurance agency WE signed up through an aggregator/cluster.  It was a terrible experience with lasting scars.  Out of that experience we have built what we would have wanted.  The best carriers, the best contract, the best…well everything.  We want to provide a safe place for agency owners to focus on growing their agencies and protecting their clients.  We’ll take care of everything else.  We want to be part of YOUR journey, part of YOUR story.

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