Contract, CARRIERS & Commitment

Rest assured that we don’t withhold information from you.  We have the best contract, the best support, the best…well, everything.

contract specifics


Cost to get started

The cost to get started is $0.  There is no upfront set-up fee.  Most of our partners are just getting started and if ever you need a break it’s when you’re starting out.  The only thing we charge to get started is the first month’s fee, but there is no set-up fee, no processing fee, etc.

Software and Systems

We will provide your Agency Management Software as well as your Rating System. In addition to these, you will have access to our automation software. These total quite a large cost that you get to forego by being part of our family.

If we ever part ways

We feel our partners are more than that, they are family, however, if there ever comes a time to go our seperate ways, you can take all of your policies with you.  There is no non-compete or non-solicitation or anything like that.  We will help you move those policies to where ever you would like.  You own them.


You own the business you write.  We have no ownership.  So when you leave you don’t have to buy us out.  We will aid you in moving any business you’ve written.


Agencies receive 100% of commissions earned.  There’s no funny business.  You write it, you service it, you get paid on it.  Easy peasy….


You will be eligible for bonuses with all carriers from day 1.  We don’t have minimum premium requirements to be eligible either.  90% of all bonuses will be paid to eligible agencies.

what we provide

Access to carriers

We have built relationships with the best insurance companies for you to offer to your clients.  We have the perfect mix to be able to provide great rates and coverages.  You can serve people in all walks of life including those who have unique situations.  We also have a great selection of commercial insurance carriers.  We don’t have production requirements so you can always be sure you can put your customer first.

Training and support

This is where you will find we separate ourselves from the competition.  We have a course of training videos walking you through how to do everything.  From quoting a new client to issuing the policies. We have a weekly live video training and support where we help our partner agents with anything they need.  We share new, relative information relating to what’s working, what’s not, how to generate more business through marketing strategies (including social media), carrier changes, etc.  We have a team messaging system for quick questions, suggestions and sharing info.  We utilize technology to benefit our partners as much as possible and walk through the journey WITH you.

Commissions and Bonus

Because of size with the companies we represent, we are at higher commission levels and higher bonus payouts.  In addition we negotiate additional incentives and extra payouts for our agency partners.  We give 100% commission and 90% of all bonuses directly to you our agency partners.

AMS & Rater

Our partners enjoy a robust Agemcy Management System (AMS) and can see all of their customer information in 1 place.  Being an Independent Insurance Agency owner, it’s critical that you have good software to organize all of your customer information from quotes to policies to tasks and follow ups.   We also provide a platform so you can quote through 1 system, but get quotes back from all of the carriers you have access to.

Carrier Partners

We have strategically partnered with the companies who are focused on growth and the independent agency channel.

Because of our relationships with our carriers and our size, we have access to programs and higher commission rates that other agencies don’t.

Personal Auto Insurance Carriers
The Hartford (AARP Program)
Progressive (Platinum Agency)
Bristol West (Foremost)
Home Insurance Cariers
The Hartford (AARP Program)
ASI (Progressive)
Lloyds of London
Commercial Insurance Carriers
Ancillary products
Geovera (Earthquake)
Assurant (Flood)
Life Insurance (25+ Carriers)
Long-Term Care

We’re ready when you are!  We’ve built this agency for you.