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Episode 038 – Agency Zoom with Tolga Demirel

“There’s a lot of talk about complete transformations of the insurance industry- that’s all hype. Things are gonna change, but being an independent agent is going to be more important now than ever.” (Tolga Demirel, AgencyZoom Co-Founder)

Episode 037 – Riches in the Niches with Cameron Pechia

“Look at the top 100 insurance companies and for the most part those guys aren’t niche focused. They’ve got divisions and verticles, but they do more than one thing.” (Cameron Pechia – Valley Trucking Insurance)

Episode 034 – What Do Loan Officers Want Part II with Jon Crawford

“Customer service is huge.  When I refer a client to someone, I view that as me guaranteeing my client that they are going to be well taken care of by this person.” (Jon Crawford – VIP Mortgage)

Episode 033 – What do loan officers want with Brian Ford

“I’ve never been a huge fan of the pop bys with trinkets or donuts.  I never think ‘so and so brought donuts so I’m going to send them a referral’.” (Brian Ford)

Episode 029 – Automation in your agency (part 2) with Chad Spaide

“Our success as independents is going to survive and thrive on personal risk manage ment principles and automation.” (Chad Spaide – Agency Owner)

Episode 028 Automation in your Agency with Matthias Allred

Automation in your agency (with Matthias Allred) Automation is one of those things that sounds super sexy and scary at the same time.  If you haven't yet taken the red pill and traveled down the rabbit hole then it might be time for you to take the plunge and see how...

Episode 026 – The Independent Journey with Andrew Calloway

“Under the captive agency model we were only addressing 15-20% of the market from a rate and eligibility standpoint.  ” (Andrew Calloway – Agency Owner)

Episode 024 – Door Knocking with Cliff Hinkle and Troy Thompson

“We’re selling insurance!  Do you want to buy some?” (Cliff Hinkle- Agency Owner)
“Analog beats digital.” (Troy Thompson – Agency Owner)

019 – Niching down on investment properties with Keith Rocha

“What you should be proactive going after and what you should be marketing for is what you want long term.” (Keith Rocha – Agency Owner)

Episode 013 Sharpening your Digital Strategy with Preston Schmidli

“If you want to acquire new clients you have to buy their attention and you have 2 currencies, time and money.  If you’re not willing to spend the money, you have to be willing to spend your time and the real winners do both.” (Preston Schmidli – Digital Natives)

Episode 012 – The Future of the Independent Insurance Agency with Seth Zaremba

“I am trying to build systems friendly to carriers, friendly to agents, that allow us to come together, focus our concern on the consumer.” (Seth Zaremba – Neon)

Episode 011 – Should I start an Insurance Agency with Dave Jackson

“The most common answer I get from newbies when I ask them about their business plan is a glassy eyed look.” (Dave Jackson – Founder IAOA)

Episode 007 – WHY and HOW with Wess Anderson and Troy Thompson

“In my mid 40’s you won’t find me.  For 2 years i’m just going to be gone and I’m going to spend every second with my family.” – Wess Anderson (AgencyVA)

Episode 005 – Chris Greene Flood Insurance

FEMA’s program is there to give you SOMETHING. Private flood is there like a replacement home insurance policy. It’s there to actually make you whole again.” – Chris Greene (The Flood Insurance Guru)

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