The Importance of Routine

What if I told you that with ONE change to your day I could save you TIME and MONEY.  That after implementing this change you would have additional time to accomplish more or invest more in other areas of your life that you have been neglecting.  What if I told you it would make the time you spend more EFFICIENT and even help you ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS?


Welcome to Episode 21


Around a year ago I tried adding more time to my day by sleeping less and getting up early, but it didn’t really do anything except make me more tired and cranky.  I didn’t see a correlation to the extra amount of work I was completing to my sacrifice of sleep, so needless to say, getting up when my alarm went off started to become hit or miss.

6 months ago I implemented a routine to my day and let me tell you…WHOA!  To call it a turning point for me would be an understatement. My productivity shot through the roof and the time I was spending on projects was yielding crazy results.  Why?

Here are the 4 reasons routines help you crush your day.

1. It makes you more efficient.  Efficiency comes through repetition.  When you have a normal routine that you follow over and over, morning after morning, you get goooooood at it.  Not only do you get good at it, your ability to switch tasks upsurges, saving you time.

2.  It saves you time.  That ability to switch tasks quickly without any ramp up saves you an incredible amount of time.  Because you have done the routine time and time again, it allows your brain to know and expect what’s coming next.  It allows it to shift gears quick because it’s used to it.

 3. It gives you structure in your life.  A structured morning, day and life let’s YOU make the rules.  It allows you to be proactive instead of being reactive.  Part of having a structure to your day is you know what’s coming and this allows you to have less anxiety.  One of the best pieces of advice that I can give is to take care of the thing you want to do least right away.  First thing.  This starts your day off with a win and makes the rest of your day easy.

4.  It helps you achieve your goals.  You should be setting your goals out 5 years and working backward from that to determine what you need to be doing every day to reach those goals.  Those tasks need to be included in your scheduled routine.  Carrying out those daily tasks that will get you where you want to be is one of the BIGGEST steps to achieving your goals.  Goals without a scheduled routine are pointless.

My 2 biggest takeaways from this episode are:

  • Having a morning routine has changed my world.  It’s been one of the biggest contributing factors to growth and success in my personal and professional life.
  • Waiting to pull the trigger on a purchase or change might be one of the smartest things you can do.  We can’t get sidetracked by things that are unnecessary or that will take focus off the money making activities in our businesses.

“Waking up and crushing your day before most people are out of bed is one of the best things!” (Josh Berg – Agency Owner)


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