Community Involvement (with Brandon Smith)

Look…if you’re a parent and a business owner, 1 thing is true.  You have to sacrifice time with 1 to focus on the other.  If your business needs you and you end up working late, you might not get to see your kid/s before they go to bed.  If you leave work early to do something fun with them, you might not get everything done that you were hoping to at the office.  What if there was a different way? 


Welcome to Episode 31 


Brandon Smith is a speaker and an Agency Owner.  One thing is certain when it comes to Brandon.  He is calculated with his moves. 

When he was asked to coach his sons baseball team, he realized he didn’t have the time.  He needed to be working.  He quickly realized that he could fit it into his schedule if he was the one coordinating practice times….the first “Aha!” moment.

The second “Aha” moment came when he was asked to sponsor the team and he thought to himself that he could sponsor the team, do it better than anyone and proactively encourage his players, hopefully winning the hearts and wallets of their parents.

It was a super solid plan and we discuss the details on this episode.

“When you have a true genuine relationship with someone and you have their heart, their wallet follows, their loyalty follows, the retention follows, referrals follow…they have a relationship with you.  They want to do business with you and they want people in their community or circle to do business with you too.”


My 2 biggest takeaways from this episode are:

  •  If you’re going to be involved in ANYTHING, you might as well build relationships that lead to more business.
  • Relationships are better than a sale.  Don’t be salesy, be relational.  A sale is a 1:1 transaction.  A relationship is 1:Many.

“The difference between contact and contract is the letter R.  R stands for relationship.” (Brandon Smith – GIIG Insurance)

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