Blogging like a boss – with Carrie Reynolds

There are 2 types of marketing that you should be focusing on in your business.  The first is marketing that has immediate results such as purchasing leads, forming referral partnerships, knocking on doors, etc.  That’s not what we’re talking about today.  Today we’re talking about the long game….blogging.


Welcome to Episode 23


Carrie Reynolds has been blogging for 10 years.  She knows her stuff.  She runs an Independent Insurance agency and blogging is one of her primary ways of generating new business for her and her team.

In this show Carrie and I discuss the ins and outs of blogging.  It’s always been something for me that I view as a chore.  Something I don’t really want to do.  It’s because I always want to have something perfect before releasing it.  To me, writing 2000-6000 words seems like waaaaaaay too much.  I feel like I’d be just filling space with pointless words and repeating myself.  Carrie’s advice…make the post as long as necessary and not any longer.  Well, I guess I don’t have anymore excuses why I’m not blogging!

She really needs a nickname like Queen of the Blog or Blogging Beauty or something like that.  So if you can think of one, comment on the YouTube video or FB post.

Let’s get tactical…

  • How long should your blog post be?  “As long as it needs to be to convey your points.  That’s it.”
  • Should you use pictures and different text colors and words in all caps?   “Blogging is art and science.  So yes, break up the text with some different colors, bold text, pictures…but, don’t be annoying with it.”
  • How often should you be blogging?  “As often as you can, but you need to be consistent.”
  • Where do you get your content?  “Directly from the questions your clients are asking.”

* PRO TIP – After you write a blog post that answers a question you get asked from your clients, refer back to it and forward a link to your clients when that question is asked.  It does 2 things.  1, it gives you some authority on the subject because you’ve already written a blog post on it.  2, it saves you time from having to answer the question again.  You can now just respond with a quick blurb and a link.  Boom…

Basically what blogging comes down to is that you just have to do it.  and you have to do it consistently.  Make it easy to read and match your Headline/Title to the specific search.  Follow all of that up with a Call To Action and you’re making gold.


My 2 biggest takeaways from this episode are:

  • The most important thing about blogging is that you just need to do it.  Don’t be concerned with doing it perfectly.  Just get started.
  • Make sure there is a call to action with each blog.  Click here for a quote…call us at…chat with us…  Don’t spend so much of your time creating the content without capitalizing on it.

“For me, blogging is telling a story with a purpose.” (Carrie Reynolds- Agency Owner)


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