BobbleOn (with Matt and Zack)

“Bobble On” It’s how these two end each episode of their podcast.  If you don’t know Matt and Zack of G & N Insurance out of Boston, you need to start following them.  A few years ago they started putting out a video every week or 2.  It showcased them meeting with referral partners, speaking in front of groups, bantering in the car on the way to events….You couldn’t help but love these guys.  They definitely have a star quality to them.  


Welcome to Episode 27


The video series they started allowed people an inside look as to who they were and what they were about.  It doesn’t take long before you realize they niche down on new home buyers and focus on being the go-to insurance agency for their area for anyone buying a home.

The video series gained them some serious fans and showed the insurance industry who they were.  The content they were pushing out was different than what most in the industry have seen or done and grabbed a ton of attention.

Fast-forward a year and some change and now the boys have a podcast out called BobbleOn.  The first 6 months of this year the podcast focused on industry specific, tactical advice on how to niche down and grow your referral partner connections, as well as some other marketing tips.  In season 2, they are now focusing on the how, what and why of setting up your organizational structure to unify your team.

Why Bobble On?  Where does that come from?  If you watch their video series you’ll see them handing out customized Bobble Heads that look like the person they’re giving it to, to their referrals partners.  A bobble head is a figurine with an overly large head that bounces around.   This was a “welcome to the team” sort of gift to show their gratitude to the referral partner for referring them and a way to bring that person into the fold a little more.  It was a fantastic idea.

In conjunction with the Podcast they started a coaching/consulting business also called BobbleOn.  They have taken what they’ve learned about running a business, their failures and successes and put it into a format that they can teach and coach other small business owners.

On this episode we discuss what that looks like, who their target client is, and how they help them.

“Being a generalist means you’re a specialist to nobody.” (Zack Gould – BobbleOn)


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