Automation in your agency (with Matthias Allred)

Automation is one of those things that sounds super sexy and scary at the same time.  If you haven’t yet taken the red pill and traveled down the rabbit hole then it might be time for you to take the plunge and see how far the rabbit hole really goes.


Welcome to Episode 28


Matthias isn’t the biggest agent, he’s not the best agent, he’s not the fastest or the most knowledgeable agent, he’s a self described “average American dude”.   BUT, one thing that is super cool about Matthias is that he’s created for himself the life he wants.  A big part of his ability to do that has been through his utilization of automation.

Most people who want to jump into automation don’t really need automation.  Not yet at least…  Before you can automate something you need to have a process that you’re trying to automate.  Most people try to automate a process that doesn’t yet exist.  First order of business is to sit down and hammer out your process.  Once you have a process, then you can begin to see which pieces of that process can be automated and go from there.

Matthias has automation in place for prospecting, quoting, on-boarding, service…pretty much every part of a customer’s Journey.  But he didn’t start by automating everything at the same time…that would have been overwhelming.  Instead it was done piece by piece.


My 2 biggest takeaways from this episode are:

  • Automation doesn’t take the place of having a good process.  Automation takes parts of the process out of your hands.
  • People don’t care if something is automated as long as it’s valuable information that they need.

“Good automation starts from defining what your process is, what you want to have happen, what your steps are and then determining what specifically I need to do and what I can have another person or a machine do.” (Matthias Allred – Agency Owner)


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