Episode 15

Building a team

Having trouble building a team?  Don’t know where to start? Feel like you’re spinning your wheels and not going anywhere?  Well, this one is for you!  Join Bobby Stocks and me as we dive into building a team.    


Welcome to Episode 15


Bobby attributes much of his success to being able to relinquish control of pieces of his business to members of his team who he trusts and are better at their job than he is.  It frees him up to focus on what he’s best at and also focus on big picture stuff.


You don’t meet many multi-million dollar businesses where the owner is still face to face with customers.  There’s a good reason for that and it’s not that the customer isn’t important.  It’s that their skills are better used focusing on the direction of the company and larger items.


Hiring people who are better suited to take control of different aspects of your business isn’t lazy, it’s smart.  When a business owner tries to handle all aspects of the business, it will work for a while, but eventually growth is stifled and the owner get’s burnt out.


Each of us has special skills.  Think of yourself as a specific tool, let’s say a screwdriver.  You’re built to twist screws.  You’re not built to hammer in nails.  Can you hammer in nails?  Sure!  But, a hammer is better suited for that.  Can you dig a hole? Sure! But, a shovel is better suited for that.  It’s time to hire a hammer and shovel to allow you to focus on twisting screws.



My 2 biggest takeaways from this interview are:     


  • If your business is growing at the rate you want it might be because you’re not letting go of things that are better suited to be handled by someone else.
  • In order to really be able to let go of something, you have to hire people who are better than you at the thing you’re letting go of.


“I wasn’t really owning what my role was.  In order for me to own it I have to hire people that I believe are way better than me in those positions.” (Bobby Stocks – Digital Marketer)