I’ve been waiting for this episode for a few weeks.  Nick Ayers is THE authority when it comes to Video Marketing.

  Welcome to Episode 3.

Nick has been using video to market for over a decade.  He is an expert and an artist when it comes to content, platform, gear and execution.  He’ll tell you to get our of your own way and don’t get bogged down with all the details.  Just implement.  Grab your cell phone, record a compelling, easy to understand offer that is applicable to your audience and get it out there.

Personally, I consider myself very informed and capable when it comes to running ads on Facebook and Instgram.  Youtube is new for me though so my questions to Nick in this interview aren’t leading, expecting an answer, I wanted to know.

My 2 biggest takeaways from this interview are

1) you don’t get charged by YouTube for views that are less than 30 seconds and…

2) YouTube is owned by Google.  So when you advertise through Google on YouTube, you are getting all of the information stored by Google to get to the exact audience that you want at the exact time they are interested in your product. 

It’s a very unique platform in that and I, for one, am super excited to get implementing.


“The most important aspect of your video is not your video.” – Nick Ayers (MadeYouLookVideo)

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