Flood Insurance is probably the most disliked type of insurance by most Insurance agents.  Primarily, it’s because we deal with it on such a limited basis that there’s not enough experience for us to be experts…or even very confident for that matter.  Well, hopefully this episode with Chris Greene will help solve some of that.


  Welcome to Episode 5.


Chris Greene is the Flood Insurance Guru.  He has a Masters Degree in Emergency Management with a focus on flood.  Like most insurance agents who end up niching down, Chris kind of fell into being The Flood Insurance Guru.  But, now he helps clients in all 50 states and educated insurance agents across the country. 

I didn’t end up recording our conversation after the podcast, BUT Chris is a monster when it comes to automation.  He was blowing my mind.  It’s how he runs his agency lean and can be away from the office but still help his clients.  Maybe down the road I’ll interview him on that!



My 2 biggest takeaways from this interview are


1) If someone has a gov’t funded loan (Fannie Mae or Freddy Mac) they are required to use FEMA for their flood insurance.  People who get a loan through a non-gov’t entity can use private flood…however, this law is changing so everyone will eventually be able to use private flood companies.

2) A FEMA flood policy is ACV, doesn’t provide replacement cost on contents and doesn’t include loss of use where as a Private flood policy can!



“FEMA’s program is there to give you SOMETHING. Private flood is there like a replacement home insurance policy. It’s there to actually make you whole again.” – Chris Greene (The Flood Insurance Guru)

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