Episode 10

SEO - with Neil Patel

What are Meta-tags?  “Something you don’t need to worry about.  It’s 8-10 years old and no search engine cares about.  You can literally ignore it.”  WHOA…that just answered a question I’ve been wondering about for years.


I actually thought I was going to have more time with Neil.  I had a bunch of topics and content preplanned but ended up not getting to spend as much time with him as I was expecting.  So instead of running  smooth, well thought out show I basically ended up firing off questions to him left and right.  Questions that my listeners wanted to know and questions that I’ve been wanting the answers to for a while.


Welcome to Episode 10


Join me as I hammer Neil with question after question and get answer after answer.  We discuss:


  •  User experience
  • How Google looks at your website
  • Moving physical locations
  • Blog titles
  • Tools for keywords
  • Audio is going to overtake video
  • ….and A WHOLE LOT MORE.


My 2 biggest takeaways from this interview are:


  • Google looks at user signals (user metrics).  Things like bounce rate, time on page, etc.  You have to think about the user experience first and make sure it’s solid and THEN worry about getting traffic to your page.  If you can get a bunch of people to your page but they don’t stay on your site…it’s worthless.
  • Audio is the next big thing.  Right now video is king.  Soon audio will be just as big if not bigger.  “Hey Alexa!”

“Do people still go to insurance shops? Are they still popular? I don’t get it.  I see those stores and think, I’m pretty sure no one is going to those.” (Neil Patel – Neil Patel Digital)