Episode 13

Sharpening your Digital Strategy



From giving plasma to feed his family to flying airplanes in the span of 2 years, Preston Schmidli is someone who you want to follow.  Although he’s seen an epic rise in income and status, he understand how important mindset is to continue growing and crushing his goals..



Welcome to Episode 13


Race-cars, family and life insurance…that’s the secret to a digital strategy.  At least, that’s part of it.  According to Preston Schmidli a solid digital strategy entails 3 parts.


1.  Have a well thought out, intentional BRAND and IMAGE.  Spend time thinking about what type of client you want in your agency.  His Independent Agency name is “Friends with Benefits”.  The name is intentionally humorous and targeted at customers who will be easy going and have a similar sense of humor.  Not everyone will be excited about it and guess what…that’s OK.


2.  ORGANIC posting…you should be posting on social media regularly.  What sort of content should you be creating?  You should be rotating between 3 things.


A.  Something you’re passionate about in your job.  If you could sell this one thing/product, you would do it all the time for Preston, it would be selling Life Insurance.

B.  Something non-work related that you’re passionate about.  For Preston it’s being on a boat, flying a Cesna or driving his race-car.

C.  What’s the 1 thing you require to function?  Could be your faith, your family, etc.


Rotate between these 3 items and be real about them.


3.  A solid PAID strategy will get you far.  But, you need to decide if you want to be the one making the soup or if you want to hire a chef to feed you.  Either way, commit to it.




My 2 biggest takeaways from this interview are:   



  • Growing facial hair is not my strong-suit.
  • A multi-tiered strategy for digital marketing is a must.  

“If you want to acquire new clients you have to buy their attention and you have 2 currencies, time and money.  If you’re not willing to spend the money, you have to be willing to spend your time and the real winners do both.” (Preston Schmidli – Digital Natives)