Episode 14

Company Culture

Employees not showing up on time, spending too much time on personal calls and texts, not seeming to care about their job?  Guess what?  They probably don’t.  Statistics show that 51% of employees desire to have a purpose at work above all else…even money!  If you haven’t created a purpose that a culture can be built around…it’s not an issue with your staff…it’s an issue with you.   

Welcome to Episode 14


88% of employees in the US are not working to their full potential.  The 12% that ARE working to their full potential all had 1 thing in common….they had a sense of meaning.  51% of employees (1 out of every 2) are looking for another job opportunity because they don’t have a sense of meaning or purpose in their current job.  WOW!!!


So the top 3 motivating factors are Purpose, Affirmation and Freedom.


1. Purpose – Employees want to have a unified purpose.  Something to make the menial tasks have meaning and make give them a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.  A reason to get up and be excited to come into the office.  Something greater than just selling insurance.  


2. Affirmation – People want to know that they are doing their job well and they want be recognized for it.  


3. Freedom – This isn’t necessarily the freedom to come and go as they please or take unlimited vacation.   It could be the freedom to not work within certain boundaries like not follow a script or wear whatever they want.  But, giving someone freedom without purpose is going to do nothing.


    My 2 biggest takeaways from this interview are:     


  • Money is NOT the number 1 most motivating thing for employees.  Actually it’s #4.  
  • Purpose is the largest contributing factor to company culture.  The biggest thing you can do as a business owner is get your staff rallied around a common purpose.


“The secret to having a great company culture is taking a unified purpose and connecting it to everything you do.” (Grant Botma – Culture Course)