Episode 16

John Darr - Agent Spotlight
When we started Blue Lion Insurance 10 years ago, our goal was to get to 10 million in premium.  Well, we’re not quite there, but we can see that number is very attainable. 


As we move closer and closer to that number, our goal has also moved.  Now getting to a 40 M agency doesn’t seem out of reach. 



What would be awesome is if there was someone who is already there that could show me the ropes.  Someone who could selflessly show me:


  – what challenges I might face on the way there

  – what struggles I will need to plan for when I get there

  – what sort of systems have already been proven to work for them


Wouldn’t that be INCREDIBLE…


Welcome to Episode 16


In this episode John and I discuss his background and how his agency has grown to well over 40 million in annual premium.


We get an inside look at his office culture and how it has benefited their bottom line.  We get to see what his offices look like.  We get an insider view of what’s working and what hasn’t worked.


This is pretty exciting as I’ve committed to bringing on more guests who are further down the road than I am that can share their expertise and insight to younger, smaller agents.


John was super gracious to spend his time with us and I hope you get as much out of it as I did.



My 2 biggest takeaways from this interview are:     


  • Just because an agency is LARGE doesn’t mean they’re stuffy and follow any certain pattern or formula.
  • Focusing on agency culture probably won’t add to your bottom line immediately.  It might take years to get there, but the destination is worth it.


“It goes back to culture, people and trust.” (John Darr – Agency Owner)