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Automation in your agency (with Chad Spaide)

Do you want more time?  What about a better customer experience?  What about freeing up your staff to focus on building relationships with your clients to help with retention?  Do you want it all?  Well, automation might be your new best friend.   


Welcome to Episode 29


Chad’s automation journey started by accident.  He had someone set him up with some automation and after figuring out it was basically worthless, he decided to start learning how to do it himself.  Through his frustration and disappointment he was pushed to understand it, build it and manage it…himself.

That beginning has led him to where he is now.  Running the automation for his 20+ million dollar agency, building applications that integrate with Slack, being hired by others to install and run their automation.  Chad’s a beast.

With Automation being such a hot topic right now in the insurance space, I wanted to have him on to discuss what he’s doing in his agency and hopefully give my listeners some insight into what’s possible.

He’s definitely someone to keep your eye on him and connect with him on Facebook so you can watch and learn.


My 2 biggest takeaways from this episode are:

  • The larger your agency, the more you have to gain from automation.
  • Just do it.  Even though automation can seem daunting, you can start with automating small tasks to get started.  As you get more comfortable you can continue to add more.

“Our success as independents is going to survive and thrive on personal risk management principles and automation.” (Chad Spaide – Pure Potential Automation)

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