Total CSR (with Justin Goodman)

If you’re like most Insurance Agency Owners you’ve hired someone, spent your time and money training them just to find out they were leaving you.  What a punch to the gut.  It’s one thing to waste the money you paid them while they were learning, but you’ll never get back the time you invested when you trained them.  Well, there might just be a solution.

Welcome to Episode 31


Justin was a 3rd generation insurance broker.  His dad asked him if he wanted to come work in his agency and he turned it down and decided to go work for U-Line grinding it out.   After a while he decided recurring commission sounded better than what he had going on and made the jump to working as a producer in a large insurance agency.

Fast forward to a few years ago and Justin couldn’t find a good solution to a problem he was having training employees so he decided to create his own training software for internal use.  After word got around he brought it to market a little over a year ago and so far it has had amazing success.

They have a personal lines portion and/or a commercial portion and even have a soft skills section for those who haven’t been exposed to working in an insurance-agency-like environment.

I was excited to talk to Justin because this is exactly the kind of thing we would utilize in our agency.

They offer one more tool to help agents work more on their businesses than in them.

My 2 biggest takeaways from this episode are:

  •  We need to start finding solutions to combat the lack of employees available in our industry.
  • Most agencies would love the time and ability to train their own staff.  In reality, our agencies have neither.

“We want agencies to have a road-map that serves as both a magnet and relieve the burden on their existing staff.” (Justin Goodman – CEO Total CSR)

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