What do loan officers want? (with Brian Ford)

I‘ve heard a lot of things from a lot people when it comes to the best way of getting referrals from a loan officer.  Everything from popping by a large office to giving gift cards for each referral to generating mortgage leads for them in return for them sending you their referrals.  I’ve literally heard it all.  I thought I’d break through all the theory out there and get it straight from the horses mouth…What do loan officers want?


Welcome to Episode 33


Brian Ford has been in the mortgage industry for 8 years.  He’s worked hard to figure out his processes and what he actually wants his customer experience to look like.  Part of his customer’s journey involves insurance…that’s where you come in…or at least where you WANT to come in.

How do you become the GO TO insurance agent of choice for a loan officer?  That’s what we discuss.  I’ll give you a hint..it’s not by leaving donuts, trinkets or coffee.  Loan officers want relationship.  At least the good ones.

When there’s a relationship built it can withstand the bumps in the road, it can withstand the growing pains, it can withstand mistakes…build relationships.  But, how?!  That’s the tricky part.


My 2 biggest takeaways from this episode are:

  •  You might get some new loan officers with popping by and leaving stuff, but you probably won’t get the right ones.
  • Good loan officers want someone they can trust to help their clients.  To build that trust you have to deliver time and time again.

“I’ve never been a huge fan of the pop bys with trinkets or donuts.  I never think ‘so and so brought donuts so I’m going to send them a referral’.” (Brian Ford – Nova Home Loans)

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